We believe every man is a natural-born leader

The Male Authority Men's Resource Center of SE Michigan encourages men to be an

 authority figure who is a leader in his home and community.


The Male Authority joins together in community by engaging men to promote healthy masculinity that involves respect for all, acceptance of differences, pursuit of intimacy and dedication to personal growth.


Our mission is to serve men by involving them to influence, encourage, and support non-violent behaviors in other men to prevent violence, Intimate partner violence and domestic violence. 


We believe every man is a natural-born leader




That the man of God be complete, thoroughly equipped for Every Good Work”.
— II Tim. 3:17 KJV
No man is ever to blame for his upbringing and the male socialization process that he experienced as a boy, but he is ALWAYS responsible for his behavior as an adult”.
— Randy Flood & Charlie Donaldson, MRC
I’ve heard over & over that there aren’t good men. I disagree. There are MANY good men. However, as they mature the physical man takes precedence over the emotional man and they become ‘emotionally unavailable’ making intimacy difficult.
— Lisa C. Armstead, The Male Authority
If we have a crisis in this country, it’s more than a fatherless crisis though. It’s a crisis of manhood, of masculinity. It’s affecting our families, our schools, it’s filling our prisons, and it’s killing the hearts of our women”
— Donald Miller, The Mentor Project